"A person who maintains beliefs at odds with the generally accepted and established teachings of mainstream religion."

We realize that by any definition, the term carries with it a certain amount of baggage. But then again, nowadays so does the term "Christian." And it's some of that baggage we're OK distancing ourselves from.

We are all in various stages of an intentional spiritual journey as seekers or followers of Jesus Christ. We attend a variety of Christ-centered churches in the Denver Metro area which are trying to avoid the "weirdness of religion" while teaching grace and truth together and providing an unconditionally loving and safe place for anyone and everyone to learn, worship, celebrate, heal, and grow.

Martin Luther was proclaimed a heretic for rejecting many of the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. So I guess being branded a heretic doesn't always land you in bad company.

A Heretic. We're all OK with that. We've been called worse.

Honorary Members
(all have been branded a "heretic" by one or more mainstream religious organizations)
• Tony Campolo • Brian McLaren • Shane Claiborne • Craig Groschel • Bill Hybels • Lynn Hybels • C.S. Lewis • Robert Shuller • Josh McDowell • Billy Graham •
• Martin Luther • William Tyndale • Saint Francis of Assissi • Rob Bell • Shane Hipps • Graham Cooke • William Barclay • John Stott • Saint Augustine • Rick Warren • Louie Giglio • Stephen Furtick • Francis Chan •

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